Kraftarena Groß Gerungs

Recharge your batteries and relax

The landscape with its boulders, which are unique in Central Europe, offers both the photographer and the nature lover countless motifs. There is also plenty for friends of the mystical on this old ground. The perfect environment offers guests looking for relaxation the ideal conditions to actively enjoy the experience of nature in a climate conducive to health.

Stone Pyramid

Archaeological mystery

The impressive stone pyramid is located in the Neuwald near Ober Neustift and consists of circular steps with a total height of 6.8 m. The diameter of the lowest step is 16.5 m, that of the top 7.2 m m. The star-shaped geomantic lines make this place a special place of power.


To relax and recharge your batteries

Seven meters in diameter and the imposing weight of 500 tons, this round hard thing called Weltkugel, which is reminiscent of the globe in its shape and is located in the area of Oberrosenauerwald in the direction of Rosenau Castle. This energetically positive zone possesses bioinformation that cancels out electromagnetic pollution in humans.


In the middle of three geomantically positive zones with "Healing Water" and Listening Island

This 6 m long natural monument in the forest between Böhmsdorf and Wurmbrand lies on four large blocks of stone. Directly on the Kierlingstein there is an approximately 40 cm deep bowl that is always filled with water. According to legend, healing properties are ascribed to this water and it is also said to give beauty... The place next to the stone has a positive and balancing effect on the vegetative nervous system.

Sacrificial Stone

Unique - enigmatic

Northwest of Groß Gerungs near the village of Thail, in the middle of a group of trees, there is an eye-catching, three-meter-high sacrificial stone with the largest bowl in the Waldviertel. It is just as unclear whether the shapely, three square meter tub was made by human hands or by natural weathering as it was used for blood sacrifices.

In der Klause

Ring and make a wish

Here is one of the most scenic places around Groß Gerungs, which is only 40-45 minutes away from our house. The hiking trail leads along a romantic forest stream and several imposing stone structures to the Klauskapelle, which was originally built as a bathhouse. According to legend, if you ring the bell in the Klauskapelle three times by pulling the rope once, your wish will come true. Several energetically positive zones in this area donate strength and energy.

Enter the world of vibrations and energies. An introduction to the gentle handling of the dowsing rod or the pendulum will be offered to you by trained people

You will discover different spatial qualities: Some places have a calming and relaxing effect, while other places in the "Kraftarena Groß Gerungs" are invigorating and stimulating. The relearning of "hearing to yourself" is valuable for you.

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